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Ethics Code

CENACED/Unidos por Ellos Associates embrace as main principles with the society:

A. Responsibility on survival and health of people.

Cooperate in promoting a culture of prevention that strengthens the ability of management of the public, private, social and academic sectors, to respond during catastrophes and its further epidemiologic contingencies, as well as to promptly attend demands and needs of the people affected to guarantee survival, recovery of the social structure and obtaining of a minimum wellness.

B. Commitment with Transparency.

One of our major responsibilities is to preserve the trust our donors, associates and authorities have placed on us to meet the mission entrusted. Thus, we are required to comply with good faith operations, without creating chaos, in any manner in relation to the donations and our activities, always committed with the Values and Ethical Principles.

We will provide to the society in general, through the website, true, clear, complete, opportune and permanent information.

C. Honor confidentiality of the information.

This principle has the main purpose of preserve confidential information provided by donors. Disclosure of the information will only be authorized to authorities and competent entities. Once holder of the information has decided to disclose it by its own initiative and by any mean, such information will cease to be confidential.

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