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Our reason for being


Become a Support Center to assist people affected in case of catastrophes and its further epidemiologic contingencies, converging the efforts of social and private sectors to cooperate with the relevant actions the Public Sector may propose to provide attention at the emergency and reconstruction stages to restore the communities’ welfare.


Specific purposes:

01 Fostering a culture of prevention that allows the people to be ready to efficiently face and deal with the disasters occurred and its further epidemiologic contingencies.

02 Develop and operate a proactive support model in case of disasters and epidemiological contingencies, to enable strengthening of the capacity to nationally and internationally manage and respond to emergencies from public, private and social sectors to the requests for assistance to affected people, always in coordination with the public sector.

03 Develop and promote specific education and/or training programs on different topics related to prevention and healthcare, as well as self-protection in case of disaster.

04 Obtain funds and donations in kind and cash to assist the people affected by catastrophes and its further epidemiologic contingencies, and receive financing for the attainment of its corporate purpose.

05 Collect and provide poor people, no beneficiaries of social security, the health sector out-of-stock medications and supplies for health included in the list of essential medicines.

06 Attract and physically or virtually classify, as well as to distribute in the Reference Points of the areas listed by the National Council for Civil Protection, food and contingent materials to assist the people affected in emergency situations.

07 Develop youngsters’ interest towards social solidarity and their organized participation by means of university networks, and reinforce those already existing to support the impacted communities.

08 Create awareness in the society about the importance to assign time and pull together to obtain a better quality of life of vulnerable people by means of voluntary work.

09 Training for corporate volunteers intended for companies having voluntary groups trying to actively participate in OSC’s (Civil Society Organizations) or communities benefit projects similar to their business line or policies on disasters prevention.

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